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The amazing story of Colin and his retiring Duck…..

The village of Wroxton is beautiful, one of those Cotswolds Villages that you only see in films… and that’s where our story begins! 


Colin lives in Surrey England with two Indian runner ducks Mack and Pam. When Pam sadly died and aware that Ducks need other ducks around them to thrive Colin decided to retire Mack and set out to look for a suitable pond for him to make new friends. Eventually after a chance conversation with his nephew ‘Sniff’ he chose the pond at Wroxton village. Sniff knew the ducks were cherished by the locals and that’s what Colin decided to do ! 


So why the story?? Well the above is completely true and I hope you’ve heard of the 2023 animated film about ducks ‘Migration”? 

Well Colin became the production designer of the film and whilst he set the film in New York his quiet inspiration was the little pond in the beautiful village of Wroxton ! 


PS Mack is still thriving in the village pond with lots of new friends!

If you fancy a visit to see Mack come and stay with us at The Wroxton Hotel.