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Discovering the Historic Charm of the Cotswolds

Fairytales might not be real, but the scenes within Cotswolds are pretty close. Tucked in the heart of Englands, this area has it all: rolling hills, ancient villages and a rich history. This is the place that will transport any traveller back in time to historic charm and tales. Let’s discover what stories these stones, streams and steeples have to tell.


A Journey Back in Time

In 1966 the Cotswolds region was designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It spans over several countries and makes you feel like time there is even taking it slow. You can clearly see the rich and charming history in the construction of its iconic buildings. If you want to see what Britain’s aristocratic pageantry looked like, then the opulent estates are your gateway to the past. Even the prehistoric megaliths are a great testament to England’s multifaceted heritage.


The Lure of Cotswold Villages

But what really is the honey trap to Cotswolds for many travellers is the picturesque villages. If you really feel that you were born in the wrong era, then these villages are your ticket to the past. You can take your pick, from the quaint village of Wroxton, Broadway, Stow-on-the-Wold, and Chipping Campden to name a few of the extensive list. You can take a walk through these villages antique shops, landmarks and even the centuries-old pubs to get a feel of the old world. Even the market squares and winding lanes can make you feel victorian. Book a place to stay near Cotswolds, like The Wroxton, to truly give you the time to take in the cobblestone and cornice and immerse yourself in the ambiance.


The Green Heart of England

If you do get out of the timewarp that the villages had you in, Cotswolds is not done with you yet. It’s time to sooth your soul with its expanse of natural beauty. Here you can take your pick to admire the rolling hills or enjoy the sights of sheep in the verdant valleys. Just remember to pack in your hiking boots, because you will need it for the 102 mile (164 km) footpath of the Cotswold Way. Don’t forget your Furry Friends, the Cotswolds are used to welcoming your furry friends, so no need to leave your pooches at home.


Cultural Tapestry

The Cotswold is not only about the green hills and picturesque villages. It also has some very quirky traditions that are just as part of this region as the limestone used to carve its buildings. You will not get better English culture and traditions like the annual events of the Cheese Rolling at Cooper’s Hill and the Tetbury Woolsack Races. And if you’re hungry, embrace the essence of English country living with some local cuisine that takes farm-to-table freshness to heart.



If you really want to discover the historic charm of the Cotswolds, then you need to immerse yourself in the experiences. Don’t just explore the geographical area. Drink that beer in the centuries-old pub, mark your calendar to attend one of the annual events and take it slow. Go back in time with a visit to the antique shops and try counting the sheep in the valley. Let the Cotswolds become your escape.