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A Traveller’s List of Places to Visit Near Banbury

A market town on the River Cherwell in Oxfordshire, Banbury is a bustling town on the edge of the Cotswolds and offers visitors a rural escape with all the amenities they love from a city. If visiting the Cotswolds or Banbury is something you are planning, you won’t be disappointed.

But what can you do in Banbury? Banbury is more than just a visually appealing chocolate box of a town that blends history and heritage with modern living. It offers charm by the bucket loads, and there are plenty of places to stay and visit near Banbury.

Places to Visit near Banbury

Broughton Castle

Broughton Castle is a fortified castle around 2 miles west of Banbury and is ideal for history buffs and building enthusiasts alike. Broughton Castle, built in the 1300s, is still occupied by a family; however, the grounds have been open for public access from April eahc year and are well worth a visit if you’re in or around Banbury.

Banbury Museum

Located in the town centre, Banbury’s very own museum and gallery is on the canal side, meaning not only is it in a picturesque location, but it is right in the heart of Banbury, too. Banbury Museum tells stories from eras gone by, such as The Civil War, and the costumes from the 17th century are just some of the historical retellings you can uncover, as well as frequent exhibitions and activities to give visitors something new to see.

Sulgrave Manor

Sulgrave Manor is a Tudor and Victorian property that the ancestors of George Washington built, the very first US president. The property sits proudly in Banbury and welcomes thousands of visitors each year. Soak up the atmosphere and the stories contained within the building and get a feel for the relationship built in history. Sulgrave Manor is family-friendly and welcomes visitors throughout the week.

Tanks A Lot

If you are fascinated with tanks and/or the military, Tanks A Lot is exactly where you need to visit. A short bus ride from Banbury station to Helmdon, this impressive collection of over 100 tanks and military vehicles is situated on 100 acres and is the perfect way to indulge your love of military history.

Broughton Grange Gardens and Arboretum

Broughton Grange Gardens and Arboretum is open to the public every Wednesday and is a must-visit for those heading to Banbury. One of the top places to visit near Banbury, Broughton Grange Gardens, and Arboretum dates back to 1620 and started as a small farm before developing into the gardens it is today. Renovations to the gardens over the past 25 years have solidified their place as one of the UK’s most significant private contemporary gardens.

Waterfowl Sanctuary and Children’s Farm

Around 2 miles outside Banbury is Waterfowl Sanctuary and Children’s Farm, home to an array of different animals you can see as you walk around the farm. Open from 10.30 am daily; the farm has a delightful cuddle corner for children to hold certain animals under supervision and play in the park, which has a tractor, swings, and a Wendy house, too. Even if you aren’t visiting with children, it is an excellent attraction for all animal lovers to visit in Banbury.

The Wroxton is only 2.8 miles away from Banbury so an ideal location for visiting Banbury and the local areas. While Banbury is located on the edge of the Cotswolds, it doesn’t lack outstanding natural beauty, charm, and places to visit. There is plenty to do in and around Banbury for visitors of all ages and delightful accommodation for you to retire to at the end of each day. We even welcome your pooch…..